3D Scavenger Hunt Promotions

Our 3D Private Label platform provides the perfect interface for any business to be able to quickly and easily deploy virtual  promotions.  Visitors to our 3D Private Label sites can explore every nook and cranny of a destination, including hotels, activities, restaurants, parks, beaches, hiking trails.... you get the idea.  So, come up with a clever way to hide clues, puzzle pieces (whatever it is!), in the locations of whatever it is you are trying to promote.     These games are fun, viral, and keep people coming back to your site daily to enter to win. The value of the online exposure to you and your partners is tremendous. 

Here's how it works:   Get a sponsor to provide a great prize giveaway.  In the case of this promotion above, we gave away a free trip to Hawaii. Offering a great prize makes the promotion go viral very quickly.  Next, partner with businesses in your location and make sure to hide the clues at their locations.  When a user collects a clue at each location, the clue also contains promotional information and purchasing opportunities for that sponsor's business.  Then, do a press release and blast out your fun and exciting contest on social media.  HINT:  The Bigger the Prize, the better the turnout.  Run your contest for several weeks and allow people to enter daily so they keep coming back.  Using our 3D Content Mangaement System, you can easily change out clues and the secret locations every day or every week depending on your promotion.  Now have fun with it!

Hilton Hawaiian Village "Find the Penguins" Trip Giveaway Promotion

Get creative and develop promotions that really tie into your product offering. Our Hilton Hawaiian Village client is known for their penguins exhibit, so we developed a promotion where users had to find virtual 3D penguins hidden throughout the resort in order to enter to win a 5-night stay at the resort.

The goal of the pomotion was to get people to explore the resort and learn all about the various amenities.  Each time a user found a penguin, a pop-up window would offer educational information about the clue's location and also offer a hint on where to find the next hidden penguin.

Virtual online promotions are quick and easy to implement with 3D Travel's Private Label Content Management System and can create tons of unique visitors with very long time on site results. By carefully placing product promotions, booking engines, and other revenue generating opportunities, you will see that the extensive time on site these promotions create leads to increased conversion rates. In addition, you can run these cost-effective  promotions regularly and build a loyal base of customers who will come to your site frequently as well as promote your contests to their friends and family through social media channels. 

If you are interested in creating a virtual 3D promotion and want to learn more, please give us a call at 808.792.0042, or send us an email at service@3dtravel.com.